Privacy Policy


“Taptoweb Privacy Policy” is a whole (and will be referred to as “the Contracthereafter.) Regulates the relationships and rules between
the Taptoweb Information Technologies Inc. (will be referred to as“Taptoweb” hereafter.) and the users who use the applications of Taptoweb Information
Technologies all platforms (IOS, Android etc.) or visit the website(will be referred
to as the “User” hereafter.).

The Contract will be effective upon the User’s downloading the Taptoweb app or visiting website.

It is the user’s responsibility to follow up all the updates and changes to the contract by checking the date of issue information.

The updated contract shall become effective as soon as it is released on this web page.

The Contract will remain effective as long as it is not terminated in line with the
specified principles.

A- Privacy Contract

Taptoweb asks some of your personal information (Username, age, gender, e-mail etc.) to serve its Users better. The information saved in Taptoweb servers
or cloud servers, is used in the improvement of the Taptoweb app and the formation of certain analyses and statistical information.

The user information is used in anonymously (with no personal identification) produced
reports for Taptoweb user businesses and definitely no User’s e-mail information is used for any purposes other than membership transactions and Taptoweb notifications.

Taptoweb does not share the information collected from the membership forms
with third parties, without being anonymous, does not use this information  for commercial purposes for any non-operating reasons and
does not sell them.

In addition to e-mail addresses and the personal information requested in the membership forms, Taptoweb analyzes and interprets the visitor’s movements and preferences which it monitors during application and site usage. These statistical data, which do not contain personal information, are used by Taptoweb and its business partners to provide a more specific and effective experience to Taptoweb users.

Information of the User that is known by Taptoweb prior to his/her registration in the system, publicly available information, and information obtained by Taptoweb  from other sources  in accordance with the law are not considered User information and are not within the scope of confidential information.

All the information a User enters into the system is accessible only to the User, and only the User can change this information.

It is not possible for anyone else to access this information and change them.

In the event of change in the real state of User information, the User is responsible
for updating this information in the system.

Unless the information is updated, Taptoweb can not be held responsible for any faults that may occur in the service presented.

Your credit card information that is used to make payment, are not kept in the Taptoweb
servers in anyway in order to ensure top level security.

The User can freely use the services on all Taptoweb platforms on condition that it is in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Taptoweb is not responsible for the content that is not accessible due to infrastructure and/or prohibited by law.

The User bears all responsibility for the use and sharing of copyrighted content and other content that is free to use.

-The Issue of Sharing All Information

Taptoweb considers  not to compromise on the protection of the privacy of all users’ personal information a debt and will only share the user information to official authorities and to the extent that it
has to share them by the virtue of law in accordance with the provisions of the applicable statutory legislation if such information is requested by official authorities in due form.

-The Issue of Termination of the Contract

In the event of the User’s leaving the platform, Taptoweb ensures the permanent deletion
of the user information other than the anonymous information from the Taptoweb platform within 15 (fifteen) business days.

At the end of 15 business days, the anonymous information specified in the contract will be transferred to Taptoweb and the termination of the contract will be realized.

If the User returns to the platform within 15 business days, the contract will continue
to take effect.

Taptoweb can always unilaterally and immediately terminate the contract. Taptoweb can always
unilaterally and immediately stop providing service. The user can not demand the continuation of the service and / or claim any loss due to the dismissal of the service.